We need to fully expand medicaid to cover all Georgians who fall within the coverage gap.


We need to also increase funding to the Department of Behavioral Health to provide more services to those in a mental health crisis by expanding the number of beds we have at Georgia Regional.


Evaluating our canals and roads to ensure flooding in Georgia House District 163 are addressed, and we bring our city and county partners together to attack this issue head-on. 


Creating an opportunity weight in the QBE formula for failing schools in impoverished areas to provide wrap around services to students who need the most help.

Ensure a quality education for all Georgia’s students. Education is the key to Georgia’s continued economic growth. Good schools and an educated workforce will bring new jobs to our state, ensuring a healthy economy.




Raising the state minimum wage to provide a living wage to the residents of House District 163. 


Creating opportunities for DBE’s & MWBE’s to receive additional grant resources to enhance and grow their businesses. 


Reforming the Georgia Housing Trust to create income based housing for seniors and disabled veterans. Also work toward solutions where medical debt does not prevent potential homeowners from purchasing a home here in Georgia. 

Criminal Justice


Working to reduce the amount of young people incarcerated in Chatham County by providing them with additional programs and needed services.


Reducing the amount of juvenile offenders incarcerated  in 

Chatham county.

Working to create more diversions programs to help empower young people to achieve goals. 

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